Outer Limit Lotus delivers intense yet soothing production “Persona”

Norwegian act Outer Limit Lotus delivers intense yet soothing production “Persona,” taken from their upcoming sophomore album Dazzling Darkness. Rooted in a message of resignation, the hauntingly beautiful number combines elements of the band’s signature gothic and post-punk stylings together with fresh sonic elements to capture hopelessness framed by readiness for a new beginning.

Filled with unfiltered honesty that swerves into darkness, the track wraps a gritty lyrical boldness inside a melancholic melody of soft strings to craft a quiet number that manages to be unsettling but comforting on each note.

Having formed in 2015, Outer Limit Lotus have found a sonic space weaving in and out of contrasting emotions of brutality and indifference to desperation and more through a genre-spanning musicality moving from deathrock to post-punk. Now finding a niche that welcomes their darkness together with their playfulness with ease, this band has us anticipating the bold collection they have in store for us.

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