Overcity explore layers of orchestral, jazz, & psychedelic on stunning album “Currently Sun”

Overcity’s brand new album Currently Sun is a unique approach to indie music. The entire project mesmerizes listeners with its intricate drum patterns, showcasing the band’s exceptional rhythmic talents. Comprised of Fieh, Mall Girl, and Tigerstate, Overcity weave a sonic tapestry that draws inspiration from a diverse range of artists while placing a spotlight on their drumming prowess.

Throughout the album, tracks like “Old School Love,” “Peach Garden,” and “I Belong To You” stand out for their complex and carefully crafted drum arrangements. The rhythmic foundations laid down by Ola Øverby on drums serve as the driving force behind the band’s dreamy nostalgia. These tracks take listeners on a rhythmic journey, transporting them to a bygone era where intricate drumming reigned supreme.

A standout is the featured track, “Beautiful Feels,” where the drums take center stage, complementing the romantic lyrics and sweet strings. The band’s ability to infuse an upbeat drum and bassline with emotional depth creates a captivating contrast that lingers in the mind long after the song concludes.

Not only do the drums shine in the vocal-led tracks, but Overcity also presents a couple of instrumental showcases. “J.S Nach” stands out as a prime example, where the band’s drumming skills are on full display. The rapid drumming and precise timing blend seamlessly with a Bach-inspired organ melody, demonstrating the band’s musical prowess beyond traditional song structures.

“Currently Sun” is a testament to Overcity’s dedication to their craft. By harnessing the power of intricate drum patterns, the band creates a captivating listening experience.

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