Paisley Black discovers a newfound confidence in saying goodbye with “Way I feel”

Indie-rock talent Paisley Black has decided she has had enough and that is very evident in her new self-assured single, “Way I feel.” Detailing her frustration with a one-sided partnership, she fiercely takes back her power by walking away. With strong, passionate vocals skating atop gritty guitars and pounding percussion, she is bringing so much bold attitude and we are definitely here for it. Most of us know what it is like to feel unfulfilled in a relationship, making this rowdy rock track highly relatable.

The Texas native describes her eccentric sound as “60s garage soul”. Influenced by musical legends like Linda Ronstadt and The Doors, her music possesses a nostalgic, retro vibe while also maintaining modern sensibilities. Exuding an Amy Winehouse-esque style, her offerings burst with so much raspy soul. Unapologetic and in your face, with “Way I feel” she has made it clear exactly where she stands. That charged intensity is felt both lyrically and sonically.

“Way I feel” is the first single off her upcoming EP, Show You Mine.

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