palmtreeprince continues his story on "Let Me Know" [Music Video]

The love story continues on the new single "Let Me Know" by palmtreeprince. After the release of his debut EP Come Find Me back in 2020, palmtreeprince has been on a tear with his singles. Tracks such as "Lo Siento" and "'bout us" have created a huge sense of appreciation for his signature pop-dance sound and anticipation for the places he can take this sound in the future. Working closely with producer LVAE, palmtreeprince has created a whole world for us to experience that has only evolved over time. 

"Let Me Know" is a continuation of the love story that has been told across all his releases so far. The big difference here is the level of songwriting is at a very elevated place. The impressive storytelling threads that are being weaved on this particular record are fantastic. palmtreeprince's delivery is executed is perfect fashion where you can hear every syllable of emotion bleeding all over the track. The production is bouncy, joyful and mesmerising at times. The synths blending with the rhythmic section create a landscape of beautiful colours and textures all over the record. palmtreeprince's job is to just underline these elements but what he does is elevate them to a place of sheer beauty. 

palmtreeprince has all the goods when it comes to being a superstar. The years of work and self discovery are paying off in spades and it seems with every release, he grows stronger and more prolific.

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