Pan Arcadia bring garage rock back to life with "In Vain"

New York City-based band Pan Arcadia returns with their third single release this year in the form of "In Vain," alongside an accompanying music video.


Eamon Rush (vocals), and Dylan Kelly (guitar) first kindled their musical bond after serving detention together in middle school. They bonded over their combined attraction to The Velvet Underground and the Ramones, and hence, Pan Arcadia was born. Like every last longing band, the band later recruited Henry McGrath (bass), Gabriel “Gonzo” Gonzalez (guitar), and then Brian Duke (drums) and Jimmy Brewer (trumpet).

The quintet’s prior single "Weeks Ago" dropped in March of 2021, and their latest single, “In Vain,” is opening up a new chapter. “In Vain” inaugurates in a state of vigor. The pulsating electric is blanketed with vocoder-stained vocals and cutting-edge arpeggiated bass. There’s a shy dose of brushes that act intermediate to the bass drum and the hi-hat. The chemistry that lingers between the band is undeniable, which amplifies their sonic landscape. The Velvet Underground influenced track strays from the ordinary, and it’s clear they are far from mundane.

Rush sings, “In the time that it takes to complain / we could have already sailed / from the mundane / watch me explain / in vain in vain, (watch me).” In addition to the single release, Pan Arcadia dropped an aesthetically pleasing music video to go along with its audio component. The band is seen performing on a brightly lit stage as they are painted in reds and blues. “In Vain” is just the beginning of what’s to come.


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