Paper Forest reflects on intrusive thoughts in “House In Your Head”

San Diego indie rock band Paper Forest have announced new album Trick Photographer with new single “House In Your Head,” an honest yet poetic exploration of anxiety and intrusive thoughts led by gentle acoustic guitars and drum beats.

Vulnerable and soothing all at once rooted in singer-songwriter Sean Burdeaux’s soft vocals with a layer of backing vocals adding to the atmospheric soundscape, the track builds slowly into an anthemic finish.With the original instrumentation forming in 2017, new life was infused into the track with a fresh intro alongside the expertise of drummer and engineer Brian Scafidi, who added a backdrop of drums to elevate Burdeaux’s creative vision.

Originally started in 2005, Paper Forest has developed through a myriad of iterations, both in the live setting and on recording, evolving from song writing project into avant-garde sonic experimentation.

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