papichuloteej delivers his infectious EP, ‘Homecoming’

For the past 12 months or so, Las Vegas artist papichuloteej has been a complete case study on how to navigate the rough waves of the indie-waters. Taking his time to allow his records to slow burn into the population’s psyche, he’s catapulted himself into one of the more intriguing prospects on the market right now. Following the release and great reception of his two 2020 releases, “How Does It Feel?” and, “Stars Align,” he utilized those to get included in some of Spotify’s most notable playlists, including Fresh Finds. Doubling down on an incredible year, he releases his long awaited EP, Homecoming.

At only 2 songs, Homecoming is perfectly primed to be replayed over, and over again. But it’s not just the run-time that works in its’ favor, as the tracks are absolutely incredible. Produced by Danny Couture, “Burn in the Sun,” finds Teej penning relatable lyrics about a love that’s gone stale. Crooning over the guitar-led production, he bleeds his emotions a little bit more than usual on this record, giving us a peak into him as a person. 

While the aforementioned track would be just fine on it’s own, it’s the EP’s intro that highlights why Teej is one to watch. Produced by Couture as well, “Do Better,” is a feel-good, easy-on-the-ears record that brings together Teej’s talents like Voltron. Showing off his improved vocal range, he sings–not harmonizes–over the engaging production, buoyed by the chorus, which sounds straight out a coming-of-age teen movie when belted at the top of your lungs. 

Check out his project above and get familiar with him on Twitter and Instagram.