Parallax remains “Undefeated” [Video]

UK emcee Parallax gets back in the field with this lyrical explosive track titled “Undefeated.”  The track is a showing of the rapper’s verbal fitness as he displays a wide variety of styles and cadences that ties into the title of the track.

The backdrop is vastly different from his other songs such as “Round and Round” and this time he makes use of a crossover sound. Teaming up with producers Blasian beats and lynx who fuses high energy grime and trap elements peppered with Parallax’s own unique style.  Parallax is all about proving a point here and he is as passionate as ever with the fierce flows and razor-sharp lyrics. He even throws strays at the opposition with lines like “Swinging a punch, I ain’t gonna duck/suckers on gear, fucking and passing in London for years/ Never running from fear, I put in the work and a bath full of tears”

The visuals shot by Cccompasss have a distinctly cinematic feel that harks back to the 90s. From the fast-paced visual effects, quick performance cuts, and dark moody lighting, we get that feeling of urgency in Parallax’s demeanor and style.

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