Parallel Action and WondRWomN team up to “Connect The Dots” [Video]

“Connect The Dots” is an experimental hip-hop track by Parallel Action, a new musical project spearheaded by producer/composer Jude Greenaway. The new moniker allows Greenaway to explore a wide range of genres from trip-hop, rap with dark electronic elements, and on the track, he weaves quite an enthralling piece together. Joining him on the record is emerging Tottenham rapper WondRWomN whose fiery demeanor and visceral lyrics take center stage. She straddles different topics from social disposition, mystical references, and a heavy dose of bravado to wrap it all up. The production is pretty intense as well with its swirling textures, sparse drums that build into a frenzy on the chorus section, and overall brooding energy.

The video taps into the dark aura of the track and goes for a menacing aesthetic and offbeat mood. It’s rather straight to the point with its performance-focused arrangement and ’80s electronic effects. It can look zany at times but if you look closely you would get the gist. “Connect The Dots” is the second released from Parallel Action’s forthcoming album, out Summer 2021

Parallel Action’s Greenaway is not only a producer he is a multi-media creative/director, a member of The Light Surgeons, and more recently as part of the duo Greenaway & Greenaway (G&G) with his blood brother Jolyon.

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