Parisian band BLOW unveil new indie pop single with 'Shake the Disease'

After a quiet few years, Parisian trio BLOW have started to make waves in the indie pop scene with the release of several 2021 singles including "One Life" and "Full Delight." These tracks have marked the birth of a new sonic direction for the band, exploring more organic sounds in place of electronic ones. Now, they return with their third single of the year and title track for their upcoming album, "Shake the Disease," featuring vocals from HAUTE’s Anna Majidson.

The trio consists of Quentin Guglielmi on vocals, Thomas Clairice on bass, and Jean-Etienne Maillard on guitar. They come together beautifully along with vocals from Majidson to create an unhurried, funky record filled with rich bass lines and simple, yet tasteful guitar chords. The instrumental provides a perfect backdrop for the uneasiness and questioning in the track's lyrics. 

"Shake the Disease" features a narrative in two parts; the former from Guglielmi and the latter Majidson. The brilliant songwriting allows these two vocalists to complement one another, intertwining to form verses that are filled with themes of anxiety, hope, and resilience. "Gotta help me to spread my wings / I need you to shake the disease"

Speaking about the new single, BLOW said, "This is not a love song. It’s a call for help written during a complicated time where we were losing our marks. We naturally thought of Anna to perform and embody one of the two characters in the track’s narrative. We love her voice which was perfect to bring warmth and sensuality to the track, which she effortlessly did."

Stream "Shake the Disease" on Spotify above or click here to listen on other streaming platforms including Apple Music and YouTube. Also check out their COLORS live session performance of the track below. Finally, look out for BLOW's sophomore project, Shake the Disease, coming late 2021. 

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