Parker Matthews’ single “Layover” takes listeners on a journey of love and loss

Parker Matthews‘ single “Layover” takes listeners on a journey of love and loss with its emotive songwriting and atmospheric sound. Following up his EP No Regular Love, which found Matthews tackling a rhythmic, vibrant pop sound, “Layover” is an airy offering that contrasts the sounds presented on that EP with piano-driven melodies and soothing, sleek vocals, captivating the listener with its layered feel in the process.

Warm pianos open “Layover” and create a passionate yet calming backdrop for Matthews’ smooth, silky vocals. He effortlessly delivers poignant melodies that remain sharply-crafted throughout his verses, before he drops into a memorable hook that demonstrates his power and range as a vocalist.

While every song has meaning, Parker Matthews’ latest release, “Layover” has a particularly touching story. The acclaimed singer-songwriter’s new track chronicles a missed love connection he experienced during a flight layover in 2020. One day, Matthews, Myah Marie, and Michael Blum entered the studio as a new team. Matthews shared a story that had been nagging at him for some time. It was about a flight attendant he encountered on a layover back in 2020. They spent the entire trip together, but it eventually became evident that the flight attendant had found love closer to home. Matthews realized he was both a physical and emotional layover for him. Thus “Layover” was born on the way to somewhere—and someone—else.

Overall, Parker Matthews’ latest song “Layover” presents a resonant single that conveys a sense of longing with its heartfelt songwriting and elegant vocals.

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