pastels enlists Curtis Roach and Jay Squared for "G&T! Remix"

Melbourne, Australia musician pastels has enlisted Detroit rappers Curtis Roach and Jay Squared for a vibrant remix of her track "G&T!". The producer, beat maker, and pianist has been on the rise lately, gaining momentum for her evocative, diverse style. On this remix, she links up with talented artists Curtis Roach and Jay Squared to deliver a version of her song "G&T!" that includes hip-hop vocals, giving it cross-genre appeal.

In contrast to the original version of "G&T!", new rap vocals from Curtis Roach and Jay Squared give this remix extra energy and a more layered feel. The two rappers ride the hypnotic instrumental smoothly, presenting relaxed, self-assured verses that draw one in immediately. Moreover, the beat from pastels is entrancing, containing a Bossa Nova influenced groove containing dream-like guitars and reminiscent keys. Beneath, shuffling percussion glues the track together and provides a jaunty rhythm that makes the track feel joyful and summery. 

Overall, "G&T! Remix" is a strong release from these three artists, who each bring unique skills to the table while still proving to have natural chemistry together. The verses from Roach and Squared are welcome additions to the original track, and pastels further proves she is a talented new producer to keep an eye on with this offering.

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