Patriarchy enlists Geneva Jacuzzi to remix her pop-metal track “I Don’t Want To Die” [Video]

Geneva Jacuzzi’s remix of Patriarchy’s “I Don’t Want to Die” is a gripping miasma of sweaty vocals, sweltering counter-melodies and invigorating bass-licks. The accompanying music video, produced and directed by Actually Huizenga of Patriarchy delves into the realm of Dionysian spirit invoked in the original single, plump with ruckus and reckless chaos from the set-design to properties to Jacuzzi and Huizenga’s animated dancing. It comes from the Reverse Circumcision Remix LP, set to be released on Dero Arcade on January 29th and featuring a myriad of other talented artists including Nitzer Ebb, S4LEM, Drab Majesty and Front Line Assembly amongst others. 

The original “I Don’t Want to Die” was created at a crucial time for Huizenga, who was at loss with the path of her future, teetering on the edges between the self-described painful pleasure of making music and/or pursuing film production. While the reward of sticking the former option out may appear oxymoronic, we’re glad she chose to embark on her music journey, now set with a new band (Patriarchy), which is in collaboration with LA-based multidisciplinary artist Andrew Means (3Teeth). Their collaboration birthed this provocative number as early as 2017, after a “drug-fuelled weekend of excess and Dionysian rebellion,” which has translated musically to the heavier side of synth-punk and new-wave. 

In the music video we witness Jacuzzi and Huizenga revel and rejoice in the thick juicy mud of unrestrained rebellion, sardonically drenched in the colours of red, white and blue and even featuring Huizenga’s snake named Socratina Jefferson. It is constructed from two live performances from Patriarchy’s “Bottom Of the Pops” show which aired live through on December 10th where Jacuzzi was the main guest, as well as some time they found outside to record more jaw-dropping segments. Huizenga is elated by the collaboration between herself and Jacuzzi, noting that “Geneva created magic from one of my songs rarely understood”. She continues, “to describe the quarantine thrill of finally collaborating with a fellow female whom I have known for many years but never truly bonded with. It took the saliva-swap of ART to totally get that connection.” And despite current times, the saliva-swap risk seems to have paid off. 

The imagery in “I Don’t Want to Die” is rich in scope, symbolism, and philosophy, commenting on the phenomenon of histories being told and forgotten, pagan symbols developing into powerful institutions with never-ending power, slaves being sold, tyrants crying and the dichotomies inherent in existence. Notably, she remarks that “it is also more simple in the realization of the narrow divide between the extreme opposites of existence. Not partisanship or white-washed hashtag groups, I mean the non-existent divide between life and death, darkness and light, everything and nothing. We must realize that we know nothing, but in that realization, somehow (at least attempt to) understand that everything is there, waiting and ready to be known”. 

“You are the pyre that burns
You are the page that turns
You are the common law

You taste much better raw
I am the hand that holds
I am the slave you sold
I am the teeth that bite
I am the will to fight…”

The dichotomies, while a looming omnipresent fear and worry in all of our lives, can also provide some solace and comfort as Patriarchy has noted: security in the unknowable, and curiosity in discovering anything and everything that we can. Nevertheless, don’t be fooled into believing that this is the sole interpretation of the multi-faceted number. On the contrary, there are countless interpretations to be made — and Patriarchy beseeches that each listener find their pick, as is the mark of a true artist. A notable modern spin comments on its relevance in this time of national crisis and abstractions of Truth. “I do not condone the slavish, addictive simulation of our beloved social media,” Huizenga remarks. “It has aided in the creation of a situation where people just go with what feels ‘true’ without listening, researching or even wanting to acknowledge the real-life actions happening outside.” The echo-chamber she is discussing limits the breadth and scope of the knowledge we are exposed to — only that from places owned by billionaire private companies, or written only by American journalists. Nevertheless, aware of all of the troubles in our attention economy social media landscape, she still ends by stating that “… I still kept checking my updates”. 

Geneva Jacuzzi’s remix of Patriarchy’s “I Don’t Want to Die” is the first track off the forthcoming LP Reverse Circumcision. All of the songs are rooted in the need and desire to collaborate and engage musically within the pandemic in order to give a new, exciting and magical life to songs in this time of global uncertainty and change. All of the remixed songs come from the first Patriarchy album Asking For It, released in November 2019, and will be released on January 29th via Dero Arcade. Pre-order yourself a copy today. 

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