Patrick Dexter stuns with his debut single, "Féile"

In the chaos of the "normal life" revival and the rushed clutter that follows it, Ireland's Patrick Dexter cuts through the noise with nothing but his faithful cello. As a globally renowned cellist that has performed on CNN, BBC, and even for President Joe Biden, Dexter has captivated many important figures, devout students, and curious listeners alike after his rural cottage performance during lockdown went viral. Deciding that the time has come for him to compose his own music, he releases his debut single, "Féile," offering not only a glimpse into his own creative world, but also into his forthcoming debut album, Solace

Emanating that familiar cottage scene, Dexter recorded the entirety of the album with his cello unprocessed, choosing to sit his listeners in front of him, surrounded by green pastures and rolling hills, rather than the cold, dark walls of a recording booth. While "Féile" was inspired by the winter birth of his niece in 2020—"For most people, a very dark, difficult time," he recounts. "She was born just before the New Year, and it was such an explosion of joy. I thought: ‘there's still beauty in the world,’" the track itself evokes visions of a still young spring day, as the chirping of birds serves as background vocals amidst the simple yet sweet melodies. The deliberate timing of the notes seem to tell an epic story of a fictional heroine's journey, from the slow beginning to the harmonized happy ending, where you can imagine her returning to loving open arms and a saved warm spot where she can share moments from her travels. A thought that isn't lost on Dexter: “Something that is so powerful about folk and traditional music is that you have these simple melodies and they can really reach out and touch hearts. That's why I think they transcend centuries." 

Look out for Dexter's debut album, Solace (due for release in Spring 2022), and keep up with all his performances by following the links below. 

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