Paul Natural drops stunning EP ‘Only Friends’

Paul Natural, the ongoing solo endeavor of Brooklyn-based artist and producer, Gabriel Stanley, delivers his six-track project Only Friends, centred on a soundscape of luscious and melodic pop elevated by a collaborative spirit.

The EP opens with the synth-laden production of “Eat All My Money,” featuring the indie-pop stylings of Airplane Man and gentle vocals, before moving on to the futuristic sonics and glitchy vocal lines of “On The Rise,” featuring Dominic Augustin.

Brimming with versatility that balances anthemic yet sultry numbers like “Swept,” featuring Kandy Apple Redd with the soaring, hypnotic touches of  “Close To Me,” with Miette Hope, Only Friends comes to life as a celebration of Natural’s friendships with each featuring artist.

Speaking of the EP’s creation process and name, he says, “Only my friends are on it! But for real, there was a time in this journey when I had songs out to tons of different people all over, LA, the UK, etc., (and at various stages of completion) and what I realized through this was that the songs I ended up making organically with friends I had through living and playing in here NYC contained something special. And in keeping with my name – Paul Natural – it’s also a pun!”

Brilliantly individualistic and diverse on each delicate note yet cohesive in the soothing journey it takes us on, Paul Natural has been gracing us with his infectious and intricate musicality since 2018, and he’s not likely to slow down any time soon.

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