Pawz One and DJ Dister mix street edge bravado with lush beats on “Watch & Learn”

Veteran west coast emcee Pawz One and German producer DJ Dister team up for a collaborative project titled Watch & Learn. A 10 track body of work that combines DJ Lister’s smooth, hypnotic production with Pawz One’s profound lyricism and a knack for storytelling. The duo refrains from trying to pander to everyone and keep to that good old raw authentic vintage hip-hip sound.  DJ Lister is more than capable behind the boards and serves up a wide variety of beats that range from classic boom-bap, soul-driven beats, and even reggae bangers. Pawz One dives deep into his personal experiences at some parts and also delivers unfiltered hard body and bravado raps that hip-hop heads all love.

From the boisterous lead single “World Champion”, Pawz One sets the tone of the project as he steps up to bat with full force over DJ Dister’s energetic reggae fused track.  Tracks like “Watch & Learn” and “Fake Love” both feature Pawz One in storytelling mode as he advises the listener on the former and brooding on his past on the latter. Pawz One can definitely hold his own and the features only come as an added flavor to complement the vibe. Detroit’s very own bruiser Guilty Simpson assists Pawz on “Out Here” and both emcees remind us of abiding by the often forgotten street rules that have cost many their lives. On “No Contest”, Akrobatik shows up to tag-team on the opposition with punchlines to the gut. Other guest appearances include Napoleon Da Legend on the gritty “God Gene” and vocalist Space Honey on the aforementioned “Fake Love.”

Watch & Learn is straight to the point and provides a blend of vivid storytelling and melodic beats that core fans can immediately rock to but it’s quite appealing to new listeners too.

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