Peach Tree Rascals drop “Things Won’t Go My Way” single

LA music collective Peach Tree Rascals have just released a crooning new track “Things Don’t Go My Way” after signing to Trippie Redd‘s label 10K Projects. The poignant effort comes after a string of dynamic singles in 2019 and continues to push stylistic genres within in the group. A touching and bubbly take on R&B, hip-hop, and pop, “Things Don’t Go My Way” further illustrates the glaring fact that Peach Tree Rascals are far more than just another rap group.

“Things Don’t Go My Way” is a thoughtful groove that feels like a lonely night of pondering in a desolate suburbia. It presents reflection in the face of hardship in a powerfully relatable form. Perhaps its the honest and floating vocals or the steady strums of the instrumental, but the song feels alarmingly close and familiar. It also keeps a fun and fast pace with the multiple voices jumping in and out of the spotlight. We’re given angelic hooks and choppy narrative raps alike, the most memorable being the reprised hook, “I’m just staring at the stars trying to find my way own way, when things don’t go my way.”

Another impressive feat is how Peach Tree Rascals so seamlessly blend styles into a single cohesive song. Featuring a meditative indie rock beat with pulsing guitars and sharp drums, the track also features cutting raps, soulful vocal runs, and a pop structure. Still, “Things Don’t Go My Way” doesn’t come off as overly ambitious or chaotic, it maintains a pace and aesthetic that is delicately striking. Such control and creative awareness is rare for a young musician, let alone a group of them.

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