Peach Tree Rascals share touching croon “not ok”

Multi-faceted collective Peach Tree Rascals have just dropped their vulnerable new single “not ok” – a smooth rap and R&B crossover that’s both vulnerable and enjoyable to listen to. The latest track is the group’s second of 2020, following their uplifting ode to progress “Things Won’t Go My Way” from March and a strong run of singles in 2019. Peach Tree Rascals have since gained a notable following for themselves and are excelling forward with this potent creative momentum. With “not ok,” it’s clear the crew are on to something; it’s yet another effective blend of genres and vocal deliveries.

“not ok” is equal parts 2000’s R&B ballad and introspective 808 rap banger. The catchy yet moving beat features hard-hitting drums, a smooth acoustic guitar progression, and colorful synth chords. The groovy soundscape feels like a fusion of past and present. Lyrically, the group hit each bar with smooth hooks or sharp raps, as they detail rough periods of turmoil. The most striking lyrics and infectious vocal performance comes at the hook, though, “I’m so done. I don’t wanna wake up. I don’t feel alright, ’cause I don’t feel much.” It’s reminiscent of an Usher era emotional cut while maintaining a unique and modern flare.

Overall, Peach Tree Rascals have once again delivered an emotional sonic effort that balances contrasting forces seamlessly. They can bring rapping, singing, meditation, and dancing, all in one, without any difficulty spilling over. They’re undeniably an artist to keep an eye on moving forward; their brand of cross-genre bops is unmatched.

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