PELA tell a story of transition on their beautifully formed new EP ‘Little Ceremonies’

Brighton duo PELA have revealed their alluring new EP Little Ceremonies. Made up of Hannah Coombes and Olly Shelton, the EP is diverse in its nature and coherent in its delivery. Tracks “Tell Me,” and “Heavy,” were co-written with Liz Lawrence, who’s sultry sound creeps in beautifully.

Utterly hypnotic with elements of atmospheric Pop, encased in pure bops, the EP in its entirety is produced to perfection. Olly Shelton’s quirky samples compliment Hannah Coombes’ irresistible, celestial vocals and it’s made clear that PELA is made up of two different musical styles that when together, create an all-encompassing, blissful sonic realm.

EP opener “Tell Me,” is a stunning introduction to PELA’s sound, with a dash of melancholy over Pop beats and pulsating synths. Second track “holy / wholly,” pivots onto the band’s more atmospheric side, allowing Hannah’s vocals to take front and centre. Title number “Little Ceremonies” blends the haziness of guitars with an acute sadness and reflection, ebbing and flowing to powerful vocal stacks and the serenade of violins.

The EP reflects the transitional period of Hannah and Olly’s lives- moving out of London and into the bustle of Brighton. There is a sense of freedom to the EP, where the busy streets of London slowly become a windy shoreline and a body of bright blue water.

Speaking about their debut EP, PELA says: “This is our debut EP and our first time bringing a body of work together that is connected. ‘Tell Me’ and ‘Heavy’ confront frustration and anxiety, both personal and political and we really expanded the scope of our sound with these – co-writing both with Liz Lawrence and bringing other musicians on board too. The 3 other songs on the EP – ‘holy / wholly’, ‘I hope you are Happy’ and ‘Little Ceremonies’ – were a way to transform those feelings.”

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