Pennsylvania artist Nicky The Jet turns in his enjoyable new video for “Bad Night”

For many people, relationships represent the absolute highs and lows of their emotional existence. While being on the same page as your significant other is as euphoric as any drug, being at odds with them can be the most devastating come down one can experience. Hailing from Harrisburg, PA, rising vocalist, Nicky The Jet has his fair share of the latter, as he chronicles one particular experience in his new video for, “Bad Night.”

Directed by, Tanner Hench & Aphios.j, the music video follows Nicky and his crew on a night journey full of hijinks, culminating with him being completely alone by the end. Utilizing keen lighting, poignant shots and loads of on-screen infectiousness to drive home the feeling, the video does a great job of bringing the record to life. Produced by Slim Pharoah, the song find’s it’s footing along the chemistry of he and Nicky. Effortlessly crooning over the melodically progressive production, Nicky both proves himself as a capable songwriter and vocalist throughout this single.  

With this single following the release of his well-received project, Jet Boy, which featured BigBabyGucci, it seems that Nicky is on an upward trajectory. Get familiar with his new video below and see for yourself. 

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