Pihka is my Name explore club-driven synthwave on powerful new single “Forest Syntax”

Based in Finland and continuously crafting some of the most innovative, synth-driven music around – Pihka is my Name have a talent for working with electronic instruments in a unique way.  This track, the latest offering from the duo, encapsulates their unique style, merging minimalist house beats with organic sounds. Henna Helasvuo and Lasse Turunen, the creative minds behind Pihka Is My Name, utilize analog synthesizers, intricate piano patterns, and textured drum machines to craft a soundscape that is both danceable and meditative.

“Forest Syntax” serves as an auditory exploration of the silent communications within forests, inviting listeners to tune into a dialogue of nature transcribed through electronic music. The track’s rhythmic drive is perfect for the club, yet its ambient layers make it equally suitable for contemplative listening. Layers of the track are constantly moving and evolving, the use of vocal chops in the chorus works gloriously. This duality reflects Pihka Is My Name’s deep appreciation for both the pulsating nightlife of Berlin and the tranquil, immersive experience of their Finnish studio environment.

The duo’s imaginative approach is fronted by their animated character, Pihka, adding a visually engaging element to their dynamic live performances. Following their acclaimed albums, Everything Is In Between and Caller Unknown, and with a relocation to Berlin on the horizon, Pihka Is My Name continues to push the boundaries of electronic music with “Forest Syntax,” promising an even richer sonic journey in their forthcoming work. They explain when speaking on the track – “

“We love the minimalist bounce of Berlin Techno, and we also love the quiet humming of forests in our native Finland. The song ‘Forest Syntax’ is our love letter to both at the same time. It’s definitely meant for the club, but also for meditative listening on your headphones. ‘Forest Syntax’ is inspired by the way trees and plants communicate with each other. They are sending messages that we as human beings cannot see or read, they have their own community.” – Pihka is my Name

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