Plasmic “Ghosted you” in new synth pop single

Southern California-based singer-songwriter, musician and trendsetter Plasmic has returned with an ’80s-inspired sing-a-long worthy single. Called “Ghosted you”, the song follows her goodbye anthem song “Deadly Smile” shared earlier this year.

“Ghosted you” is an unrequited queer love song narrating the all too familiar scenario of being ghosted as well as ghosting someone. Plasmic digs deep into the psychology of someone who ghosts someone, exposing that often that person is dealing with their own mental health issues that lead them to not be able to be honest and open with their partner. Lyrics including, “I’m sorry that I ghosted you / I really should have known / I can’t live in reality babe / I’ve got to go”, show that the narrator understands they have done wrong and is honest about their own issues in the process. Musically, “Ghosted you” features bubbly synths, flushed-out harmonies and effervescent soundscapes for a thrilling listen. Plasmic’s fuses ’80s-inspired synth pop with modern electronic and rock for a fresh and authentic sound.

Plasmic began producing music at the age of 15 from her childhood home in Orange County. The prolific songwriter and keytar virtuoso is known for her dynamic and energetic live shows. Her raw musical offerings often touch on important themes such as fighting abuse and mental health struggles. Take a listen to “Ghosted you” now and remember even if you are struggling, do the right thing.

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