Plastic Rhino drop their eerie new single “Euphoria Now”

Ever feel so stuck in life that it causes you to look within and face your inner demons? Plastic Rhino’s new single “Euphoria Now” is all about being trapped everyday in the same draining routine and the ways it can mess with your mind. The track features intense arrangements of heavy guitars and drums, and the group's fierce moody vocals paired with that dark backdrop create something truly spine-chilling.

The accompanying visuals are equally as haunting. With lead singer Atara Glazer’s face poking out of milky water, there is something so compelling about that image. With other member, husband Jack Glazer, pacing around the yard viewers get a very uneasy feeling. From the fire and blood to shots of them convulsing on the bed, the video keeps those unsettling, creepy vibes going. This is the perfect release just in time for spooky season.

Husband and wife duo Jack and Atara Glazer, like most of us, really felt the effects of this pandemic. With her main job being working on film and TV sets, when production halted, she was jobless for four months. Jack is a funeral crematory operator at a time when the amount of bodies is rapidly rising. These changes definitely took a toll of the two and you can feel that deep frustration within this penetrating piece.    

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