Pop singer Inés Rae warns against playing with emotions on "Don't Say It"

Rising singer-songwriter Inés Rae reminds us that actions speak louder than words on pop gem “Don’t Say It”—a combination of breezy vocals and infectious melodies that warn against playing with anyone’s feelings. With anthemic soundscapes built on hazy beats and guitars, the track is carried by her lilting, youthful voice as she delivers an honest message that anyone who has been led on will relate with.

Weaving a heartfelt narrative with lyrics that asks “don’t say it, if you don’t mean it,” the catchy pop production is wrapped in emotive vibes built on relatable experiences leaning into Rae’s signature reflective but vibrant music style. Hinged on thoughtful song writing that draws from daily life to weave deeply hypnotic slices of bedroom pop, “Don’t Say It,” is one more example of the young musician’s promising future in music.

Already showing an ability to infuse maturity beyond her years at 19 into her earworm soundtracks, Rae who has writing music since the age of 15 only gets better with each passing release, as she crafts potent harmonies around down-to-earth narratives, continuing to elevate her status as an emerging pop sensation.

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