Porsh Bet$' woozy new visual is too much to "Handle"

Born and raised in Harlem, New York, Porsh Bet$' ethnic multiplicity is probably the first thing you'll notice in his music.  Frequently alternating between English and Spanish in his songs, multiple listens are required to pick up on all the bits of wordplay and entendre.  Bet$' new visual for "Handle" is a dreamy, alt-poppy trance that will similarly require multiple viewings to fully decode. 

"Handle" is an extremely catchy cut, fueled by the slick charisma of Bet$ and his bilingual crooning.  Much of his vocal style is built upon the rare gift of sounding completely impassioned while also feeling worlds away.  With a self-directed, Euphoria-inspired visual treatment, "Handle" is a vertiginous fling through the LA streets at night, often blurring from reality into a dreamlike state with frequent cuts and dexterous camera work.  His video co-star Kezia, a genre-bending and vibrant artist in her own right, appears as a convenience store clerk that drops everything to spiral along on Bet$' trippy night walk through the city.  

Preparing for his debut EP I Used To Think Forever on July 21, Bet$' music is still undergoing changes and evolutions as he works to steady his career trajectory.  As he closes in on 1 million streams for his smash-hit standout track "Peanut Butter," the EP will serve as a way to further flesh out his distinctive flair.  With so much fire and originality, it just seems natural to expect big things coming from the quickly rising LA artist in the future.  

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