Poster Child share funk-fueled “Space Camp’

Nashville-based duo Poster Child are a new soul drenched psychedelic funk-pop duo. Their latest single is the fun-loving track “Space Camp” which is off of their upcoming EP Super Nova out later next month.

On “Space Camp”, Poster Child share a story of a nerdy teen crush of a girl who has the feels for her much older camp counsellor. With lyrics including, “send me back to space camp / I learned the castellations / connecting freckles on his face / be my supernova / if only he was more my age,” Poster Child takes us all back to early unrequited love and innocence. Sonically, the ballad features bouncy bass-lines full of elastic grooves under emotive, yearning vocals that sing a quirky and infectious chorus. Shimmering keys and nostalgic-sounding dusty beats highlight the band’s unique ability to fuse new and vintage sounds for a captivating sonic blend.

Poster Child is composed of California born and bred singer-songwriter Theresa Gorella and South Carolina born guitarist/producer and songwriter Andrew Royal. After meeting in Nashville, the two began playing music together, joined by their love of 50’s-70’s era music. Their upcoming five track EP Super Nova tells a greater story of a unique cast of characters during an evening at the Chateau Disco. Take a listen to “Space Camp” now and go back to your summer camp memories.

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