[Premiere] Bronco Redahan shares vivid anthem “Tell Me Tell Me” alongside fun visuals

Country alternative artist Bronco Redahan dives into loving someone who feels out of our league on “Tell Me Tell Me,” which builds upon folksy guitars and sharp vocals to offer up a subtle genre-bending twist on a classically country sound. 

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An anthem about being hung up on someone who is a rebel and lives their life with abandon, the track weaves through moods of love, obsession and jealousy as a tale of desperately chasing after someone unfolds. Vulnerable and relatable in its theme, the track is accompanied by cinematic visuals that push forth a vivid lyrical narrative. 

The video opens  on a man passed out on the ground before the camera flips to a woman dressed in cowboy boots, blue jeans, and a western shirt with a cowboy hat to top it off. Cut to Bronco lounging lazily on a blow up alligator as he floats across a pool. Attempting to capture an interesting juxtaposition of wanting to escape the clutches of danger while also being drawn to it, the audio-visual odyssey is fun and thought-provoking all at once. 

Having grown up surrounded by music, Redahan who has honed a flair for earworm melodies continues to win our hearts with his heartwarming artistry.

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