[Premiere] Sam Paige explores making others happy on “People Pleaser”

Pop talent Sam Paige paints a vivid and vulnerable experience on “People Pleaser,” unfolding the tale of a woman who cannot handle the mental exhaustion of always trying to make everyone happy. 

Wrapped up in catchy pop beats, the poignant offering is led by thoughtful and relatable lyrics to weave a honest and therapeutic journey towards not just pleasing others but learning to love and please yourself as well. 

The track is accompanied by intimate visuals that shows us all of these versions of Sam as she thanks a special someone in her life for making her see that it is okay to put herself first. The video represents windows looking into the different versions of herself that she outwardly portrays to make those around her content.

With plenty of comfort and a touch of empowerment shining through, Paige’s healing, ear worm artistry leaves us with a sense of assurance and self-reflection. 

Watch the music video HERE

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