Pretty Pape$ turns in ‘Everything Soundz Better on Paper’ EP

For many people outside of southern California, Orange County’s calling cards usually amount to the Anaheim Los Angeles Angels, great beaches and that one movie with Tom Hanks’ son and Jack Black. The truth is, though, the region is responsible for much more than that, and carries the depth of a championship sports team. Representing this notion more than anybody is native artist, Pretty Pape$, who checks into our pages for the first time with his new EP, Everything Soundz Better on Paper

Throughout the 4-track project, Pape$ does a brilliant job of showcasing his versatility. He uses the project as sort of a sampler to allow us to peek behind the curtain. On, “Vybez,” and, “Straight Out The Juice,” he brings forth his infectious knack for melodic progression, providing bubbly and infectious sounds on these two records, perfect for any party setting.

On the flip side, he utilizes, “No Sleep,” and, “Pronto,” to prove his talent as a capable lyricist, stringing together lyrically impressive moments. Produced by NoBrakes Mixx, “Pronto,” is Pape$ at his finest. Bringing together the aforementioned qualities that had made him a capable prospect, “Pronto,” is where he displays his greatest potential. 

With the infectious rapper beginning to pick up a bit of buzz due to his recent exposure via TikTok pages from NBA and NFL teams, it’s only a matter of time before his rocket starts to take flight. Take a peek at his creative visual performance of the album as well, and get familiar. 

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