Prima Apollinaare presents a deep dive into ‘Alignment’ in new project

Singer-songwriter Prima Apollinaare is a multifaceted artist who is also an actress whose latest work was opposite Neal McDonough and Dermot Mulroney in the upcoming feature film ‘THE WARRANT: BREAKER’S LAW’. Presently, she caught our ears with her latest project titled Alignment—a six-track body of work that is written by Prima, Eren Cannata with additional writing from Una Jensen.

The project starts with the opener titled “Believe”, an anthemic and hopeful tune that sets the tone with its heartfelt and inspirational lyrics. Prima embodies the spirit of forging ahead regardless of the hurdles ahead. Armed with her sublime vocal tones backed by lush dreamy textures, she implores listeners to believe in their dreams and the ability to make the manifest into reality. The mellow ballad slowly rises to a crescendo with layered choral vocals and driving piano riffs that are accentuated by punchy drums and an ethereal sound design as well.

“Deeper In Love” is an explorative and reflective track that talks about finding one’s feet in the world after the pandemic. The bright production has a solemn and soul-stirring aesthetic that blends with Prima’s commanding vocals and uplifting songwriting that expresses newfound hope as the world opens up again.

“Venus or Neptune” is a solemn love ballad that explores the longing feeling of attempting to reach a loved one even though it seems they are worlds away. Over a solemn guitar riff and warm textures, Prima revels in her thoughts as she tries to reconcile the swirling lovelorn emotions building up inside. The track has a slow build-up that follows her pained vocal runs and rises to a peak as the chorus comes in.

The project closes with “My Own Fleet” which has an upbeat vibe with bright plucky guitars and lush pads that blend perfectly with Prima’s uplifting vocal runs and detailed songwriting that explores the concept of being free at sea. The chorus has a layered and driving texture that exudes nostalgia and warmth as Prima basks in her freedom. Free from the shackles of the world, Prima’s expressive lyrics really dig deep into the concept and draw listeners into her world.

On the television side, she has appeared on the amazon hit show MOZART IN THE IN JUNGLE and will be seen in the upcoming season of CARNIVAL ROW out now On Prime Amazon.

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