Private Island’s “Thru The Sky” is a disco-tinged dose of heartbreak

Private Island have revamped their easygoing southern California alt-pop by swapping moody guitars for disco synths on their latest single “Thru The Sky.” Their first release since their debut LP 5xx, this latest single is the perfect soundtrack for a disco party of one. In a BeeGees-esque falsetto, frontman Christian Lum sings of loss, loneliness, distance, and desire.

At the start of “Thru The Sky,” Lum describes wistfully watching a plane flashing in the cloudy night sky above, “like viewing the past in a kind of foggy haze.” That message couldn’t have come at a better time, in a world where millions are longing for their lives to resume normalcy, however mundane that may be.

Lum details the piercing desire of wanting something back that you have lost. It’s heartbreaking when that something is impossibly out of reach. While lyrically heavy, “Thru The Sky” offers a light and digestible air to it. A four-on-the-floor beat and 80’s synths inspire the listener to dance their loneliness away. 

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