ProducedbyTyler collaborates with various artists in new album ‘The Way I Dreamed It’

ProducedByTyler drops a lively album called The Way I Dreamed It. With zealous beats and collaborations with unique artists, we are able to dive deep into the Arizona artist’s music. 
The album features 11 tracks, a highlight being when MeechieGotBarz undeniably shows his talent on “Promise” by presenting a beautifully rare style for us to enjoy through the deep lyrics, his emotional intelligence surfaces, and allowing us to witness his inner power. Listening to this track, you can feel the harsh circumstances that this artist has been through and has overcome. Coupled with beats that radiate light, he takes us out of the dark tunnel and brings us some hope. 
Blk9 and Dre Smuzic touch all of our hearts on another highlight from the project “Show Me Love.” With perfectly poetic lyrics, these two artists powerfully express the meaning of their love. Combined with a catchy chorus, we will most likely find ourselves singing the words “show me love” at various times throughout the day. Offering a dream-like sound, we will fantasize of a love that will hopefully one day be ours. 
ProducedByTyler did a remarkable job putting this album together. 
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