Producer ARKTKT steps out with stirring futuristic EP ‘Anima.exe’

Having already dropped two tantalizing singles from his latest project, the time has come for the full release of the EP Anima.exe from forward-thinking producer ARKTKT. While the two previous singles “Mantis” and “Amethyst” grabbed listeners’ attention with help from vocal guests Naomi Banks and Madison McFerrin respectively, the remaining music on the EP showcases ARKTKT’s unique production style that blends elements of soul and electronica with a compelling futuristic flair. The five-track EP is available now on Jamz Supernova’s record label Future Bounce.

In a press release, ARKTKT describes Anima.exe as his “most cohesive project to date,” with heady themes and influences from 90s anime and Carl Jung’s theory of the Anima. While Banks and McFerrin’s guest spots certainly stand out in the mix, ARKTKT makes his presence felt on the other three tracks with captivating soundscapes and stunning electronic instrumental vibes that also feature splashes of his own soulful vocals, primarily on “Gravity” where we witness his wide-ranging talents.

One of the most poignant tracks of the bunch, however, is the instrumental “Anima,” where ARKTKT flexes his production muscles with spellbinding music and subtle, affecting melodies that deftly tap into the project’s themes without the use of words. Having already attracted the attention of tastemakers like Jamz Supernova, the creative touch in production and uniquely progressive concepts featured on Anima.exe should allow ARKTKT to continue his ascent in the music world.

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