PROTOTYPE zeros in on some rousing electro-funk goodness on “I Came From The Future”

Multi-hyphenated creative and self-described “oneironaut” PROTOTYPE” captures a slinky and imaginative electro-funk sound on her single “I Came From The Future”. The single is a strikingly vibrant splash of energy that drips with muscular rhythms, funky guitar licks, high-energy horns, and PROTOTYPE’s swaggering vocals.

Upbeat and adventurous, the tune reveals influences that range from Minneapolis-funk (see Prince and his merry band of musical misfits at Paisley Park) to hip-hop (think Left-Eye having a jam session with the pioneering rap group The Sequence) to eclectic rock (see Fishbone or Red Hot Chili Peppers) while still maintaining its own unique character. PROTOTYPE hits her stride early on and sounds as if she is genuinely having fun as she stands at the center of a whirlwind of sound. A deep, low-growling slap-bass and pulsing kick drum open up the session followed by some lively verses from our futuristic heroine. “The creative process started very differently with this song than with any other song I’ve done before” The left-of-center artist offers when questioned about her creative process on this particular funk jam. “I started this song with a catchy idea as opposed to a melody and built the beat with found samples to illustrate the idea. I wanted to get in touch with my funk roots while combining my love for science fiction, which I’ve had since childhood.” She goes on to explain that the song became a collaborative process involving other musicians that she connected with online and that they each “…added amazing subtleties to fill in the vision for what eventually became ‘I Came From the Future’.”

This quirky and carefree tune is the latest entry in a series of singles that the genre-fusing performer has released over the past few months – following a pair of indie-rock excursions called Medicine and Dirty Money. It also precedes a series of EP’s that PROTOTYPE plans to release over the coming months, with the first set landing at some point in October. Clearly, our enterprising funk-diva has taken the coffee mug quote “Hard work pays off, so take no days off” close to heart. 

You can listen to “I Came From The Future” right now, on all streaming services, courtesy of HighFreeQueenSee Records,

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