psykhi releases sensational EP ‘Forest People’

London-based, Ghanaian-born artist psykhi has released a new EP entitled ‘Forest People’. From a young age, psykhi decided music was in his blood, and his influences have built through glimpses of hearing music in his youth, through gospel worship and radio. He went on to pair this with an obsession with Shakespeare, allowing him to write using an eclectic mix of genres and poignant lyricism. psykhi is the moniker of Jeptha Asiamah, or Jeff for short, allowing him to embrace an introverted persona that defies genre and comments on patterns around him.

Forest People’ is introspective and brings together punk and rap with a sprinkling of 80s-style instrumentation. This creates a timeless but also contemporary sound that emerges into its own league. Throughout the project, psykhi creates a reflective space that promotes the listener to have the same self-reflection that he explores.

Speaking about the new EP, psykhi shares, “Forest people for me felt like the harnessing of spirit. To find love for oneself and to be able to stand up for what you believe in.”

With such a broad and diverse project now under his belt. We can only hope that psykhi continues to bring us new and exciting sounds that innovate sonically and create a meditative lyrical space. Don’t take your eye’s of psykhi’s creativity he grows in both success and musicianship.

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