Punk Adams drops cuffing season anthem "Boo" [Video]

Los Angeles based R&B artist Punk Adams reminds us to be confident in our own skin with his new single and visuals for "Boo." The artist, who is best known for his colorful fusion of alternative R&B and swaggy pop soundscapes, has been paving the way as an emerging artist with his charismatic energy and mature, established sounds.

In "Boo," the talented singer-songwriter narrates overcoming his own self-defeating thoughts in order to take a chance when it comes to new love. Featuring a bouncy bright melody, innovative lyricism and feel-good soundscapes that overflow with optimism and big energy, Adams shares the new and improved side to his personality – unapologetic, bold, and sassy. Adams confides, “I wrote 'Boo' to showcase more confidence in self. I wasn’t always confident in my size and appearance, so it made it difficult to talk to people out of fear of rejection. This time I wanted to put myself out there in a more flirtatious way, seeing someone I like and taking a chance.” Produced by Titus E. Johnson, the song flows effortlessly and blends the sonics in a masterful, well-rounded way for a complete immersion of sound. In the accompanying visuals for "Boo," Punk Adams leads with a hybrid of animation and real life imagery, dazzling with eye-catching wardrobe and high spirited dance moves for a perfect end of year extravaganza.

Punk Adams is originally from Brooklyn, NY. He quickly took to music at a young age, learning to write and play music as a channel for his thoughts and feelings. Since honing his sound and style, Adams has built a global fanbase and continues to be recognized as an emerging artist to watch. His motto to his fans is to "Just be you, unapologetically."

Check out Punk Adams' "Boo" here and go on and be your bad self.

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