Instagram returns with a lot on his mind with new lead single, “luh me weak”

Innovative singer-songwriter, producer, and visual artist, has taken the quality over quantity method of producing the follow-up to his debut project as he takes his time on the lush, sinking new single, “luh me weak.” The release is his first offering since his 2018 full-length et cetera, and also the first glimpse into his upcoming EP, No One Asked.

We can call him an R&B artist if only for his frequently soulful, intimate vocals, but his work is broader than that. et cetera’s two lead singles, “Clementine” and “Nothing” showcase not only the quality of that project but also the holistic take to art-making quami operates under. “Clementine’s” summer sweet guitar breezes and the circulating cold sweats of “Nothing” share only by his vocal charisma. “luh me weak” is the next chapter of quami’s refusal to fit into a category as he finds a previously uncharted vehicle for his craft. 

“luh me weak” is an intricate cross-section of songwriting and rotating, atmospheric production. It opens with pensive, gnarled tones that tip-toe through modulated, underwater vocals. quami and close collaborator team up to share production duties and their partnership really defines the moment. Anxious drum patterns mirror the lyrical themes of struggling through the ‘sickness and in health’ of a relationship in progress. Double tracked lines “come around full circle,” are constantly warped and distant, ultimately playing out like watching him have a conversation with himself. The track fills a lot of space in three minutes and gives us plenty to chew on until No One Asked.   

“luh me weak” is available to stream now via AWAL.

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