Qween M8 hold onto a crush with industrial dream single “NYC”

Billy and Billie Qween have created a liberating set of personas under their monikers and project of Qween M8. Thriving off solace tones and the self-dubbed orchestration of tragic-pop, the secluded LA duo continue to introduce listeners to an assortment of delectable noisegaze.

Sharing their first single since their three EP debut, aptly titled The Royal Trilogy, Qween M8’s “NYC” counters previous textured sounds for a lustrous production, thanks to the off chance at meeting front of house engineer Brian Pomp (Noah Cyrus, Grimes, Ke$ha) at a food truck in Echo Park.

Though, from the mood-driven duo, there still needed to be a hint of distortion in sound and story. “NYC” very well spins a synthwave base, industrial heart, and a disillusioned thought for quite a dreamy track. One which skews the realistic and intangible possibilities of a crush. Known to utilize the polarities of their vocals, “NYC” leads with Billie’s incandescent voice in the midst of searching for relief from the track’s infatuation.

“We are all guilty of admiring people from afar via social media,” shares the band in an email. “The song is about being in [sic] lulled into a ‘sleazy dream’ and longing for someone who doesn’t even know you exist.”

And contrary to this ‘sleazy dream,’ “NYC” doesn’t read as harassed filled lines. The static daydream slightly tugs on reality for a recollection of deep admiration. The track doesn’t get too lost in the delusional landscape of pop either. The mechanized and cold percussionary traits of modernized electronics find a sweeter landing place than previous tracks.

There’s a continual exploration of tragic-pop to be developed by the secretive duo, and with “NYC ” it’s clear that Qween M8 aren’t afraid to play with dreamier melodies.

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