R3D & Foxy Baba link up to release “The Party Pack”

After the success and proven chemistry on their single “Zone Out”, R3D and Foxy Baba have found a whole new groove on their two-piece party anthem project The Party Pack. 

R3D became known as the DJ for popular Irish rap/pop duo Tebi Rex. After a few sporadic appearances on the songs with Tebi and others such as Monjola and Zach Oke, R3D partnered up with Waverton Corp to launch his solo career. After a few singles, he found this chemistry with Foxy Baba. This led to the two artists grinding out over several studio sessions and discovering where they sit amongst the busy and bubbling Irish scene, and later, the emergence of The Party Pack. A 2-track release designed to soundtrack your most wildest visions of what partying with these two upcoming artist would be like, let me tell you, its a guaranteed good time.

The project starts off with the humorously titled “Where We Bout To Eat At?”. The two go back and forth in a very fun and diverse  sounding production. The hook is extremely catchy and the imagery on offer is both fun and invigorating to listen to. The themes of partying and women are abundant on this one. The extremely bouncy, catchy and eccentric beat with it’s heavy bass and trippy hi-hats creates a perfect playground for R3D and Foxy to execute that excellent chemistry we’ve grown to love from the duo. 

The lead single from the project is up next with “The Vibes”. This the feel and mood of a party diluted down to just over two minutes. The moody feeling provided through bouncy rhythm section mirrored perfectly by the dim and blunt synths that give the feeling of darkness and nighttime. The expertise in both artists performance on this one is the perfectly executed, moody and momentous flows. A catchy hook really brings this one altogether for the listener. 

This pack was an idea and a concept executed to perfection. Take the chemistry between R3D and Foxy Baba and add themes of partying, women and living lavish and you have a solid pack of songs and a guaranteed good time. 

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