R3HAB and Laidback Luke team up on party anthem “Weekend On A Tuesday”

Dance music heavyweights R3HAB and Laidback Luke join forces on “Weekend On A Tuesday,” combining their signature styles in an anthem about breaking away from the norm and choosing to march to your own beat.Filled with self-confident energy that we all need in our lives, the track blends Luke’s groovy house sensibilities with R3HAB’s booming basslines, framed by soulful vocals, for a carefree party feel that gets you dancing on every play.

Besides getting the party started, the track also launches music royalty NFT marketplace, anotherblock where every holder of the track gets a share of the streaming revenue.

Two trailblazers in dance music, multi-Platinum DJ and producer R3HAB  and eclectic Dutch act Laidback Luke weave their individual expertise together for an anthemic number rooted in embracing individuality, delivering up exactly what you need to let loose and forget your troubles.

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