Raelle delivers a mesmerizing vocal performance in new single "Wake Up Sunshine"

Coming off a back-to-back release of two singles earlier this year, UK singer-songwriter  Raelle 's latest track "Wake Up Sunshine" reinforces the saying that three times a charm. From "Purple Skies" to "Sunrise," Raelle embodied the spirit of self-love and growth on this latest record. Bolstered by engulfing basslines, dreamy keys, and soft drum arrangements, Raelle reflects on her past with a 20/20 eyesight with deeply personal and self-reflective lyricism. Her heart-wrenching vocal performance is a dazzling mixture of a softer Des'ree and India Arie with a unique twist that makes her voice a truly unique offering in music right now.

"Wake Up Sunshine" continues Raelle's slew of releases in 2021 and it's another heartfelt record that displays her distinct style and evocative songwriting prowess. "Wake Up Sunshine" is the title track to her upcoming EP.

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