Ragnar Ægir speaks of homesickness in the longing new single, “I’m At Home”

Icelandic singer/songwriter Ragnar Ægir has just dropped his new single “I’m At Home.” Over the past year, our patience has been tested more than ever before, with many people not able to get home to their families. Long periods of time, away from our creature comforts and loved ones can truly have an effect on our emotional wellbeing, of which Ægir is far too familiar with. The dazzling new single speaks of feeling homesick and the desperation to return to the one place that brings you ease. Written from his own experiences and emotions, “I’m At Home” is an honest, heart on your sleeve delivery, wrapped up in a cinematic pop anthem. 

Shimmering with bright synths, fast-paced drums and raw vocals, Ægir’s lyrics hit home, quite literally. He shares, “Landing at an airport and knowing you have a 5-hour drive to get home isn’t everyone’s idea of fun. But getting to see all these amazing places on the drive back through Iceland is an incredibly refreshing feeling, and gives me and my family a newfound energy and inspiration”. Continually building throughout the three minutes and seven seconds, the song emits a feeling of euphoria, reminding us of all the things we love about our homes and the things we take for granted. The yearning feeling is emphasized through the nostalgic melodies and passionate vocals as the songwriter sings, “And my heart starts to smile when I see your horizon, fresh wind on my skin tells me Iʼm at home,” sending flashbacks of all the little things that once seemed insignificant, but now carry a weight of emotion, such as the cold breeze blowing past.

With a deep connection to Icelandic nature, the musician soaks up inspiration from his surroundings, weaving it into his music and taking listeners on a journey across the Land of Fire And Ice. With travel restrictions still in place, Ægir allows us to experience the beauty of his home country from the comfort of our homes. “I’m At Home” is the first single to be released off of the upcoming debut EP.

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