RAINEE sets a cozy mood with lo-fi instrumental “where it always rains"

Australian musician RAINEE marks his first collaboration with atmospheric instrumental  “where it always rains,” teaming up with Nairobi-based artist Jeff Kaale. The soothing offering shines a light on the individual talents of both acts while coming together in a creamy swirl of playful percussion, subtle piano and earworm guitar sections that effortlessly lulls us into a state of calm.

The perfect mood setting soundtrack, “where it always rains,” brings to life vivid imagery of warm, cozy afternoons or hypnotic, stormy nights within its intricately crafted notes. Powerful and groovy yet utterly laid-back, the ambient track journeys through the most intimate moments of RAINEE’s life as it manages to stir up emotions deep within our hearts without a single word being spoken.

A very fresh project, RAINEE has quickly exploded onto the lo-fi scene as the solo musical identity of Ben Beamish, one half of The Beamish Brothers, building an impactful artistry founded on organic, relaxing sonics tinged with the simplicity and comforting monotony of day-to-day life. Now, with Jeff Kaale’s expert touch lending more power to his chill melodies on “where it always rains,” RAINEE keeps his momentum going as his versatile sound continues to grow.

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