Rapper and producer CHAZ is ready to face “Ridicule SZN”

After a great 2019, CHAZ has dropped his first single of 2020 with “Ridicule SZN”. 

In the logical follow up to his debut EP Before The Ridicule, CHAZ continues to show his diverse plethora of talents on this new track. With him leaning more in on the rapping side of his arsenal, heshows us his pen isn’t only designed for catchy melodies. 

Touching on the obstacles he’s faced so far in his musical journey, CHAZ proves he can hang with the best of them in regards to creating a track. The track has one of the most catchy hooks I have heard all year and is further proof that CHAZ is extremely diverse in his bag of talents. Not to mention the fact he produced the track as well. The strange pitch shifted sample in the back is the lead instrument on this track. This is accompanied by some trapped up drums and interesting kick-snare conversations. However, the most interesting part of the track for me is the beat switch at the end. A way more slowed down spacey instrumental kicks in and hereverts back to what he is known for with ear catching melodies. The vibe is way more laid back and a perfect closer to the track. 

Working with acts such as RÓGAN, Uwmami and more on the table for the year along with the second EP in a trilogy lined up, I am extremely excited to see what is coming for the Kilkenny-based MC in 2020. 

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