Rapper BigKayBeezy releases hard-hitting “Bookbag” and melodic “Christmas Spirit” [Video]

BigKayBeezy is, without a doubt, one of the hardest rappers out right now. This is no more evident than on “Bookbag,” a single that he dropped just over a week ago. Still, his newest song and video, “Christmas Spirit,” showcases the full range of the hard hitting rapper and proves he can do more than rap with a high, aggressive energy. With a display of two sides of his music that both work extraordinarily well, BigKayBeezy is proving that he could make noise for the rest of 2020. 

The rising rapper has been at it for some time, but it still feels like he’s only getting started. “Bookbag” feels effortless; BigKayBeezy seems to float over the beat while still rapping with a clean aggression. The visuals match both the song’s assertive demeanor and high energy; the rapper is seen with friends at school enjoying themselves, but are also seen pointing guns at the camera. The quickly switching camera shots give even more energy to a song that didn’t need any help. 

The “Christmas Spirit” video is different, but doesn’t see BigKayBeezy veer off from what makes him special. He utilizes a melodic rap flow along with both intimidating and emotive lyrics to discuss keeping a hopeful mindset. “Christmas Spirit” is a short tale of determination. BigKayBeezy gives a unique approach to a common subject matter as he tells about keeping a “Christmas spirit” even when he didn’t have a Christmas gift. This creative approach is causing BigKayBeezy to stand out; check out the new video below. 

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