Raquel Rodriguez learns self-care through the ups and downs in “Nobody Else” 

Hailing from Los Angeles, soul singer Raquel Rodriguez creates music emanating with passion and honesty. Her new single “Nobody Else” exudes those same vibes with rich, velvety vocals and tranquilly funky soundscapes.

The song narrates the good times and the bad we face in our lives and reminds us to be gentle on ourselves, even through our hardships. We all know what it is like to beat ourselves up when we are already down. Rodriguez effortlessly conveys the need to combat that feeling with compassion and self-love. In her press release the singer reveals, “Nobody Else is a reminder that through my highs and lows in life (especially the lows), I need to be kind to myself, love myself and discipline myself in order to get through those difficult times on my own in a healthy way.”

Emitting all the emotive spirit of Mary J. Blige and Alicia Keys, her heartfelt songs wrap you up with their warm, welcoming tonalities. Crafting music that is contemporary yet also a throwback to old school R&B, her genuine sound lures listeners in. Check out the riveting release “Nobody Else” now.   

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