Rasmus Hagen goes back to school in “Learn to Love”

Platinum-selling, Swedish singer-songwriter Rasmus Hagen has just dropped his latest single with Dutch artist Maxine. “Learn to Love” narrates the fear of loving again, touching on the hardships of lowering emotional walls which have been skyscraping the world of pain and emotion. Perhaps finding that someone to bulldoze them down would work? “Learn to Love” covers the excitement paired with the fear of loving again, honing in on the magic of meeting that one person who instantly changes your perception on love (but in a good way!)

“Learn to Love” follows on from Hagen’s 2021 debut album Love & Hurt, which achieved platinum status in just six months. Now back with the stunning self-produced anthem, co-written alongside Swedish songwriter Aron Blom, Hagen is showcasing his ability as a musically creative, classically trained musician.

Hagen’s romantic vocals are soft, pronounced and totally soothing, paired with tender piano and soft clicks, it gradually builds into unexpected euphoria. Falling in love can be scary when you’ve been burned, but the excitement outweighs the fear. “Learn to Love” captures just that, through the uplifting tones and subtle melancholy. Maxine’s harmonies tug on the heartstrings complimenting Hagen’s passionate singing and making for the perfect polarity and tension between them. Inspired by the likes of pop royalty including Ed Sheeran, John Mayer, Julia Michaels and Lauv, the track embodies those classic tendencies, through the hearty guitar and gentle pop touches. “Learn to Love” certainly fits the bill for the perfect love song.

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