Raven Artson delivers comforting yet vulnerable track “Come To Me”

Known for his free-flowing artistry, rising act Raven Artson delivers comforting yet vulnerable number “Come To Me,” taken from his upcoming album Transformia. An intensely atmospheric production led by groovy beats underscoring his suave vocal delivery, the easy-going track unveils a deep message on wanting a heartfelt and complete.

With thoughtful lyrics like “I love it when u wake, it’s a fragile state and I’m there for u,” opening the track, Artson seeks to remind us love that blossoms when we’re our truly ourselves, letting imperfections and all seep through is a beautiful connection that we should never be afraid of.

Urging us to embrace the flaws of our loved ones and let our guards down, the poignant track is rooted in Artson’s ability to weave through genres with an emotive flair as well as a celebration of his roots, bringing a  personal touch into the relatable message by switching to his Dutch mother tongue.

A multi-cultural talent who has drawn from the musicality and culture of Amsterdam, Los Angeles and New York, Artson’s sound is one that we can’t pin down yet find ourselves constantly allured by as he crafts something brilliantly intimate and delicately expansive all at once.

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