Raydy J drops new intoxicating EP ‘R’

Raydy J releases a new fiery EP titled “R.” Consisting of two heartfelt tracks, this Bronx artist reveals her realizations about love.

The first track “F Love” is extremely intriguing all the way from the title choice to the production. Quickly capturing your attention, her soothing voice releases the pain hidden in the undertones of the crooning chorus. Through the sentimental and cleverly chosen lyrics, she allows us to relate to the suffering that those who misuse love bring to the table. Taking us on an emotional roller coaster, she shows us the power in taking control of her love story. These intense words coupled with the peaceful beats are definitely the perfect blend for this song. 
Closing off the EP with “Fear Interactions,” she once again leaves a lasting impression through her music. The title was perfectly chosen because it fully reflects the meaning of the words present throughout the track. Through the passionate lyrics, she cleverly questions love through various comparisons. The seamless transition between the fast rhythm lyric delivery to singing right into the chorus provides an inescapably catchy hook. This mixed with a snappy beat gives off an energy that will have everyone singing along. 
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