Raye Zaragoza reminds us we can be “The It Girl” too

Singer-songwriter and activist Raye Zaragoza is well known for her poignant songs urging social change.  The indie folk-rock singer has written about everything from saving Standing Rock to immigration reform, feminism, and her multicultural upbringing. Her latest track is an indie-pop anthem entitled “The It Girl” and is produced by the prolific Tucker Martin (First Aid Kid, The Decemberists).

Featuring funk-fueled basslines, soulful, warm vocals and driving guitars, “The It Girl” details Zaragoza’s struggle with self-acceptance as a multicultural brown woman. The singer confides in her press release, “Growing up, all I ever wanted to be was the it girl. I thought that meant I needed to be a pretty blonde princess Barbie who met her Prince Charming and rode off into the sunset. This fantasy left me with immense inner turmoil and self-hatred. The It Girl is my outcry for diverse representation in media, a plea to throw out the old rule book of western expectations of women. I am proud to be a multicultural brown woman with insecurities and a vibrant intersectional identity that I continue to grapple with.” 
Raye Zaragoza has built a loyal following due to her expressive songwriting, relentless touring, and personal connection with her fanbase. The songwriter has also been asked to speak on a myriad of panels at both SXSW and Bonnaroo with topics such as preventing sexual violence and engaging your audience. “The It Girl” is off of her forthcoming sophomore LP set for release later this year and we can’t wait to hear what’s next. 
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